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May 18, 2015
I believe 6th sense stuff is just a bunch of nonsense. The burden of proof lies with all you 6th-sensers making the claim. Here's food for thought: Do you believe then in psychics as well and if not, why not?

Some day I'll try this out, i'll head to a psychic somewhere in a place i've never been to and who cannot possible know me. I won't give my name or surname before hand, not provide a picture or anything. In fact, James Randi has been DESTROYING 6th sensers and Psychics for many, many years. The prize money has never been claimed (he offered psychics from around the world millions if they could just be accurate and not vague for once, telling him exact facts about things. It's never worked. Not once. This man has literally dedicated his life to explaining how and why it's all BS.

James Randi Google Link