Jacob Zuma stay of prosecution application dismissed


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Jun 23, 2008
I think you may miss the subtleties here.... the court order the government to enforce an ICC arrest warrant, they didn't issue a local arrest warrant for Bashir...
An ICC arrest warrant has the same legal value as the high court arrest warrant according to the ratification of the Rome statues.

Specifically this part:
7. (1 1 The Court has such rights and privileges of a South African court of law in the Republic as may be necessary to enable it to perform its functions)
That clearly states that the ICC is effectively has the powers of a South African court.

And this:
(1) Any request received from the Court for the arrest and surrender of a person for whom a warrant of arrest has been issued by the Court must be referred to the Central Authority and accompanied by such documents as may be necessary to satisfy a competent court in the Republic that there are sufficient grounds for the surrender of that person to the Court. (3) The Central Authority must immediately on receipt of that request, forward the request and accompanying documents to a magistrate. who must endorse the warrant of arrest for execution in any part of the Republic.


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Aug 4, 2008
What are the odds he's skipped the country entirely and is right now cooling pool side in Dubai?


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Aug 23, 2004
Judge Dhaya Pillay also questioned alterations on the sick note, asking why dates were apparently changed.
Please tell me the date was changed to "Eleventy and seven February" :D