Jamcloud - South Africa's On Demand Music Streaming Service


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Jul 13, 2015

So Apple Inc. just launched their own music streaming service called Apple Music, and all Apple users get a 3 month free subscription. But the question is how many users are going to continue paying the overpriced forbid fruit the fee for streaming music?

But lets not start a war, let me 1st introduce myself. My name is Frans Elstadt <!*_*!> 20 year old internet entrepreneur from NMMU. Out of constant frustration of never ever having enough money, I set out and started a venture! What is this venture of mine you may ask....

JAMCLOUD - Feel Free Melody!

Discover bands from foreign lands. Play, download music whilst, chatting to an international audience with a wealth in musical wisdom. Feel Free Melody!

So if there is any VC's or Angels out there, please contact me!

We Are JAMCLOUD and we like to Marmalade, so hate us or join us now at Jamcloud.net


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Jul 22, 2010
How's about you tell us what makes your service better than the dozen others (of which Apple is the least)?