Japanese rocket launch ends in explosion

Daniel Puchert

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Mar 6, 2024
Watch — Canon-backed Japanese rocket explodes on debut launch
Space One, a Japanese startup backed by Canon, failed to send its first rocket to space, a major setback in efforts to join a booming market for commercial launches.

The lightweight Kairos rocket exploded in flames just seconds after taking off around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning local time from Space Port Kii, about 420 kilometres southwest of Tokyo.
You would think it is obvious that if something is backed by a Canon it is bound to explode, but hey, what do I know about rockets

After 300hrs in KSP I can empathise with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Lol, felt the same was like, yep back to the VAB, we missed something
That sucks. But it' their first attempt - hopefully the next one is successful.
That sucks. But it' their first attempt - hopefully the next one is successful.

Yep, premature explosion is pretty common for the first time, hopefully they will get better with practice
Whenever I read/hear anything about Japan I cannot get past The R*pe of Nanjing.

Sounds like post-nut clarity.

Unit 731 is just as f**ked but I'm not gonna bring it up randomly whenever they're mentioned. It's like reminding Mongols they went apes**t on Baghdad or that white South Africans... you know where I'm going.
Glad to see competitors to SpaceX flexing their wings, Milei would agree that competition is a cornerstone of a growing economy. Also that this might shut the Musk-haters up a bit, apparently SpaceX is the only one whose rockets blow up.