Japanese rocket launch ends in explosion

it was a fun one to watch.. went up, slightly sideways, and then boooom

again with that Fsxing word anomaly, dumb Americans exporting their PC bullsh*t all over the world!

imagine it being used here in SA,
why was your window Broken? an anomaly object broke it!

well at least they didnt blame Godzilla for their rocket exploding after launch.
Glad to see competitors to SpaceX flexing their wings, Milei would agree that competition is a cornerstone of a growing economy. Also that this might shut the Musk-haters up a bit, apparently SpaceX is the only one whose rockets blow up.
Nope, the bottomfeeder progressives are still crying about him the Twitter thread. They’ll still be crying in 20 years.
[COLOR=var(--text-light)]Lol, felt the same was like, yep back to the VAB, we missed something[/COLOR]

It blew up at launch. Not as bad as all the work and planning then forgetting to pack a parachute or having to exercise some controlled “absolutely scientific” lithobraking against a planet surface.
Sounds like post-nut clarity.

Unit 731 is just as f**ked but I'm not gonna bring it up randomly whenever they're mentioned. It's like reminding Mongols they went apes**t on Baghdad or that white South Africans... you know where I'm going.
With SA with had the TRC for closure (in theory).

However, the Japanese have made no reparations, have not apologised and, in fact, don't even acknowledge what happened. It's disgusting to the nth degree.

See the difference?