Take away the private sector , and this house of cards collapses immediately.
There is something to eat, something to buy and something to steal, only because others produce it.

And it just so happens that those others, are the ones being targeted and blamed for every failure of this country.

Yet the total opposite is true.
Wasn't there already an article on this?

The guy who helped create Cosatu, which now holds the economy to ransom, thinks the country is in trouble...

This guy too:

In 1994 Jay Naidoo's RDP office in the Presidency claimed that engineers were elitists with no part to play in SA's future. As a consequence the DTI has provided no policy that includes engineering in development, believing that sociologists and economists can do a better job than engineers. In 2003 the Presidency issued a statement confirming that sociologists at the Sociology of Work Unit at Wits were the experts in manufacturing development not engineers.

In 1996 the Sociology of Work unit at Wits stated to the DTI that Ford, GM, Goodyear and Siemens were incompetent in manufacturing development. A belief that Minister Davies used in parliament in 2010 to justify a position of government

Having got rid of all the engineers who effectively ran Eskom, it should come as no surprise that Eskom's principal business tools are incompetence, uselessness, irresponsibility, muddled thinking and stupidity.
I'm Shocked, oh wait, no. I will be shocked later when load shedding is over.