Job Title: CRM Consultant - Goodwood,Cape Town


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Jan 29, 2004
Job Title: CRM Consultant
Business Unit: IPMG IT and Business Solution
Location: Goodwood, Cape Town

We are expanding our current team and have a vacancy for a CRM Consultant. This role will entail
providing support to clients in the selection, implementation, and support of CRM solutions. This
role requires consulting skills, business knowledge, and CRM solution expertise to effectively
integrate CRM technology into the client’s business environment in order to achieve client specific
business requirements.

IPMG IT and Business Solutions forms part of the IPMG group of companies and offers strategic
business advice, implementation of technology solutions and provides business analysis services. We
focus on enabling clients with business solutions, addressing their specific business needs and the
continued support and improvements of the clients’ CRM solutions.

  • Facilitate the implementation and support of CRM solutions to enhance the clients’ business
    requirements and overall performance, while maintaining a high degree of customer
  • Analyse the current business processes of clients and recommend/develop solutions to meet
    the clients’ needs. This includes the design of business processes, process configuration,
    process testing and implementation of processes
  • Responsible primarily for successful implementation of CRM solutions, providing functional
    expertise, guidance, training, and continuous support to clients
  • Act as liaison with clients for troubleshooting: investigate, analyse, and solve software
    problems and map client business requirements, processes and objectives; develop
    necessary product modifications to satisfy clients' business requirements
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the organisation, adhere to all organisational standards
    and attend certification training
  • Develop and evaluate plans and criteria to be carried out by others; provide direction,
    improvements to company policy and leadership
  • Able to meet functional requirements of a CRM support engineer, as and when required
  • May be required to travel both locally and internationally from time to time
  • Innovative thinking and providing of creative solutions when clients have unique business
  • Document or update functional specifications for system developments to be done and work
    with developer on requirements
  • Ability to manage an implementation project and meet appropriate due dates
  • Ensure consistency, completeness and quality of deliverables
  • Communicate and follow-up with the client as to the outcome of their requests
  • Able to convert knowledge objects to standard documentation to be re-utilised in training or
    client enablement

  • Matric Diploma or certificate
  • Tertiary qualification of minimum three-year diploma in business or information technology
  • Need to be competent in all MS office applications
  • Exposure to a customer service environment essential and need to be able to work in a team
  • Knowledge of email and mail server configuration / administration

  • Punctuality is key in a consultant as a consultant is required to attend business meetings
    with clients
  • The consultant should be energetic and be able to work with management and provide
    creative ideas and alternatives to existing procedures, where and when improvement can be
  • The consultant should be able to think through challenging questions posed by clients right
    in the meeting, or have the maturity to advise the client that he/she will have to go and
    investigate and report back to the client

Should you be interested, please send a private message to myself to obtain contact details. Please note that correspondence will only be conducted with shortlisted candidates. Should you not hear from us within 30 days of
closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. Please also note that we reserve the
right not to make any appointments.

Closing Date: 31 August 2016