Johann Rupert's company portfolio


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May 24, 2010
All the companies that made billionaire Johann Rupert South Africa's richest man

South Africa's richest person, Johann Rupert, built a business empire on a wide range of products and services in the luxury goods, food, media and broadcasting, private healthcare, tobacco, and telecoms industries.

These days, Rupert's most influential titles are chairman of Swiss-based luxury goods company Richemont and South Africa-based diversified investment holdings company Remgro.
The EFF once tried to take on the Ruperts. I wonder how that would play out. I must say, I would pay to be a fly on the wall!
...Richemont, the world’s largest luxury watchmaker.
The company currently has a market cap of around R1.67 trillion.
How on earth can a watchmaker be this valuable? How many oil sheiks and soccer millionaires are there in the world?
I often look at the IG comments of peopel as they attack the ultra-rich. I 99% of the time its jealousy, and the thought that because 100 people can't have the same, 1 person shouldn't have more. Its silly.

I look at all the wealthy pitching up in Monaco for the F1 on their yachts and it think well done! Maybe some day i can do that if i worked hard enough. I'm not jealous of them or think they shouldn't have yachts and jets. Its their life, and they have their fair share of problems to deal with too.