JRA says it's unlawful for citizens to fix potholes themselves

JRA acting CEO oxygen thief and mouth breather, Louis Nel said Johannesburg residents who repair potholes are breaking the law. ftfy
Selling items to people in their cars are also illigal. The police are doing nothing against those people.

The police does not really enforce the laws, just certain laws.

Using laws to say don't do something is not really that relevant these days.

Just don't go to the beach or out on the sea alone during covid. That was a very important law.
I understand that it could be an issue, but a temporary fix is better than a big hole.

People who repair them should also make sure they report them nonetheless in the off-chance the government one day, in the next century, decides to fix it properly.
The pothole on Douglas Rd in Douglasdale has been repaired to a great standard that it has been revisited 512 times for a secondary repair. There is actually a bergie on permanent guard duty at that pothole with a spade shoveling sand...

There are plenty of those in Pretoria. They fix them it's rains and the pothole is back. Rinse repeat.
Well you put citizens in this position because they have become so dangerous to the general public