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Junior Systems Analyst / Recent Graduate - JHB and Cape Town options


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Jun 2, 2016
Systems Analyst Junior
We are looking for exceptional people to join our client`s teams in;
Johannesburg and Cape Town
B.Com, B.Sc or B.Eng degree with IT related subjects as majors with excellent results essential.

Systems analysts are solution implementation specialists, responsible for interfacing with clients, understanding their needs and configuring software solutions to meet them.

You will be involved in delivering projects to clients from information gathering, working with a team in designing solutions, solution configuration, system testing, user training, continuous improvement and support.

It is a technical and practical role and will require you to;
● Implement and configure our software to our design and client’s specific requirements.
● Use our ‘low-code’ applications with SQL databases to build integrated and automated back-end processes with web-based UIs
● Execute projects in a dynamic, collaborative, and iterative fashion - providing ongoing tangible benefit
● Provide superior customer service to internal and external clients
● Develop new concepts, approaches and applying best-practice patterns

Typical daily Tasks performed by a systems analyst are;
● Solution design, build, test, support and improve
● Configure and test solutions with colleagues
● Involved with unit and end-to-end testing of solutions
● Involved in deploying solutions to server environments - Dev, QA, Production
● Provide exceptional production support and ongoing improvement
● Develop technical designs and documentation
● Participate in update, design, requirements and feedback sessions

You should be;
● Comfortable using technology and be able to explain it to others
● Able to solve problems creatively and efficiently
● Quality focussed
● Able to manage time well and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
● Able to manage job pressure well
● Detail focussed as we work with sensitive data and critical business systems
● Pedantically accurate
● Able to communicate very well with different people - interpersonal, written and public speaking

Our work is satisfying and challenging. And we are stimulated and get excited when we:
● Work closely with clients and see our solutions being used successfully
● Achieve our project goals together with our team
● Develop our technical skills and business knowledge
● Contribute, participate and provide input to developing better internal approaches, methodologies and tools
● Identify and explore new business development opportunities

We will train, help, assist and develop you to best perform your work and develop professionally. You will be trained and mentored with:
● New employee induction to the company
● Implementation specialist training program
● Introduction into a project delivery team
● Ongoing mentorship and coaching with your Team Leader
● Support and helping hand from your team, larger analyst group, managers and directors
● Ongoing development and training program utilising internal and specialist courses
● Regular and formal reviews with the aim of skills development and professional growth
● Open and collaborative culture, where everyone is encouraged to contribute

You will be expected to make judgement calls, show responsibility and act professionally. Characteristics and attitudes that we value are;
● Professionalism
● Being courteous & respectful
● Integrity
● Willingness to engage with people - learn from colleagues and clients
● Enthusiasm, commitment, determination
● General interest in applying technology to improve business and especially the financial services environment

E-mail CV: - chantalmolivier@outlook.com