Justseed.it - All good things must come to an end - Goodbye old friend


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Oct 28, 2005
Tristan/admin said:
dear justseed.it users

it is with regret i announce this service will cease operations on 30-Apr-2020.

i would like to thank you for your custom over the last 10 years, it has been a wild ride and the resultant technology is being put to a multitude of other uses. of late i have been receiving legal threats and i cannot continue this service at the risk of my other endeavours. it's a tough choice as this is what started it all for me, but thank you for your understanding.

on a practical note: please use the time remaining to use/transfer any data off the system. refunds will not be offered as bitcoin has recently crashed, so knock yourselves out and take this time to stress test our beloved system one last time!

all the best, thank you again, and stay safe!

so yeah i hope that's clear enough. the 30th is a hard deadline, so if you haven't done what you need to do by the 29th then i cannot help you.

i'm leaving the forums up for the duration as i'm expecting there to be outages as users go apeshit burning their remaining data. in the event of an outage i can let you know how far away the resolution is.

other than that please try to keep it civil, offensive comments will simply be deleted.

now a special thank you to the old timers - there are some users here that have been with us for like 10 years and i've got to say thank you for bearing with me throughout all the changes we've been through.

i'm not sure how many of you are aware of this but this system is developed in c++ - i've gone from watching in horror as memory leaks have crashed system after system and painstakingly solved issue after issue to eventually watching in amazement as the software runs for literally hundreds of days smooth as a whistle without leaking a single byte! on top of that we've been ddos attacked on a regular basis right up to this day and the system just eats it up and continues on it's merry way every single time :) so yeah i'm pretty proud of the tech for sure.

anyhoo, i digress, so back to practical matters.

if you have data that you wish to transfer to another service then i'd suggest you make use of the utilities to do so. most modern distributions have open java available to them so use either the piece downloader or the downloader to transfer off the system. if you do not have java available to you then create a .tar link and download (wget) and untar (tar xf filename.tar). and if you cannot locate the original .torrent you can download that via the "information" tab for any given torrent. the .torrent download links are not public so you'll have to download/upload them to another service so you can recheck to get them back to 100%.

i can't offer support for other services but if you need specific help in getting your files off justseed.it (and the above doesn't work for you) then please post and i'll see what i can do to help you.

ok and with regards to the software stack: the server-side stuff remains closed-source as i use it in other projects and i cannot release it. however the java-based utilities remain open source and can be butchered to help you with automation from other services. i think buried somewhere in there is a multi-client/server tool for synchronising files between systems. i don't have time to dig up the particulars right now but i'll see what i can do to make a post on the topic before day zero.

update: a few of you have been asking for recommendations, so here's what i would do.

rent a cheap dedicated server and install the distro/packages of your choice. you'll get dedicated everything: hardware, ip address, bandwidth (100Mbit is plenty) and therefore you won't interfere with others like you would on a vps. you'll be able to customise the box exactly as you want.

update: ok guys if you haven't noticed, performance is terrible as we're now at 100% capacity :) so to explain what happens - when disk capacity hits near 100% random pieces get dropped and torrents get expired. so you've probably noticed some of your torrents are marked "expired" outside of your control. not much i can do about that. but assuming you've already transferred whatever data you want off the system and are just leeching to burn your data, i'd recommend everyone:

- auto-stops upon completion
- disables keepalive

and use the utilities to download before the pieces are deleted.

buuuuut (no pun intended) realistically the situation is analogous to toilet paper right? everyone is just going to continue the "smash and grab" regardless of what makes sense. anyhoo, not much i can (or will) do about that, so i'm resigned to watching in amazement how the system just brutally deals with it and continues on lol :) like i said earlier this last period is just an exercise in seeing how the system deals with critical levels of stress and i'm happy to report that it's working as intended.

so carry on my pretties!

update: ok guys the servers will be shut down at 23:59 on the 29th GMT - please make sure you understand when that is in your locale.

So sorry to see her go in a few hours. :crying:


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Oct 19, 2007
So sorry to see her go in a few hours. :crying:

Yeah but they were doomed the minute they went BTC only ages back. It's hard to get your hands on bitcoin. You could do Luno or other means but it's expensive to send bitcoins. I used to use them was nice but yeah complicated rules and if you really used a seedbox extensively they were quite expensive but was very cheap for minimal use over a long time.

There are alternatives


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Jan 24, 2008
I used them a while back, but the inability to integrate with sonarr and Radarr made them useless, now it's just more effort than it's worth, I seed from home using transmissions in an isolated vpnd container.

No need to worry and no more need for a seedbox.


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Apr 17, 2016
Real Debrid has a seedbox. My ISP blocks all P2P so I let RD download for me and then download from RD.


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Mar 31, 2006
Real Debrid has a seedbox. My ISP blocks all P2P so I let RD download for me and then download from RD.
There are better options though.
I personally prefer seedr.cc and Sonic Seedbox.

Even their free tiers give more storage space than others I've seen.