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Khutsong residents still have that sinking feeling


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
Merafong Municipality is losing almost 50% of its drinking water as it is unable to fix sinkholes, water leaks and collapsing bulk water infrastructure.

Residents of Khutsong on Gauteng’s West Rand live in continual fear of their homes caving in due to large sinkholes which suddenly appear despite promises by the Merafong Municipality last year to fix and address the issue.

In 2017 Health-e News published a story about the sinkholes in the area that were causing damage to the drainage system and leading to the collapse of buildings.

“We have received R118 million in funding that will only be used to rehabilitate the previous sinkholes and the infrastructure damaged by those sinkholes over the next three months,” the Merafong municipality said last June.

However, nine months have passed and little has been done – and the problem has only become worse, much to the distress of local residents.

“Since the sinkhole collapsed, the drainage pipes have broken and water does not move through the system anymore,” said Mbongeni Skosana, whose yard has fallen into a sinkhole.
More at: https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/1930105/khutsong-residents-still-have-that-sinking-feeling/
May 20, 2010
And the money? Probably all spent on parties, new cars etc...

The odds are dynamite. [Re: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/...-tolerate-zumas-misrule-for-so-long-20180518] Trevor Manuel should not be asking how Zuma stayed in power, or things like this happen. The answers are painfully obvious.

Ostensibly good politicians were not sleeping - Incredible opportunists were so drunk with power and lust of money that they could not think or act straight anymore. If Ramaphosa manages to root out all this BS then good show...

But they should not ask themselves stupid questions. As if in a daze. It insults everybody's intelligence.