Cyrex representative
Company Rep
Mar 24, 2016
Well, We have done it. we have slashed our prices on our Internet Packages ADSL, and FIBRE.
Now you can enjoy the price slashing with our current clients. with our latest prices.

Why the Price Slash.

We decided that if we want to stay competitive we will have to cut our prices, and we did some of them by more than %60, we strived out and asked our customers what they wanted to see and we gave them exactly that, our network remains one of the best ISP networks out there and we continue to build the network as we grow our customer base.

Loyalty Program.

We will soon implement a loyalty program for all our services and each customer will receive points on the amount spent each month with LA Webs. What you can do with this Loyalty Points is still under negotiation with the C.E.O Of LA Webs as it streams closer to a Points store where you can spend your Points at the LA Webs store that will be created for the points specifically.
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