Lakewood Church shooting: Woman with child in tow opens fire inside Joel Osteen's Texas megachurch

Interesting. Pro-Palestine, anti-Jewish. Gun had Palestine written on it :unsure:

Also I'm not totally sure but Fox says the shooter was trans. Previously went by the name Jeffrey but they're using his female name because he used she/her pronouns lmao.
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Apparently had a fight with his/her husband's Jewish family and raged against Israel and Jews in a pro-Palestine rant just before the shooting.

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What does this have to do with a Christian church being shot up.
Who knows, could be what pissed her off. Just saying what investigators and her family said what happened before the shooting, tis all.
Not sure yet if she even is trans tbh. She gave birth to her child.
This woman pretending to be a man doesn't stop her from having a kid unless the plumbing had been permanently butchered.
I have never ever seen any video of Joel Osteen so I thought let me open youtube and see what he is all about.

Holy mother of Botox! His countenance is disturbing.