Last Man Standing 2020/21: Game 12


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Jul 16, 2011

1. Weekend & Monday premier league fixtures only or where a full set of midweek matches are scheduled.

2. Win only!! draw or lose and you're out.

3. Each player must use all 20 premiership clubs. You cannot pick Manchester City every week or every other week, also it's advised to pick tactically as you don't want to get to week 20 and only have WBA left to pick.

4. Edited posts are invalid. A new post must be submitted before deadline, with a clear reason for the change.

5. A list of all players remaining will be available with the weekend's fixtures.

6. If there are two players left in the round, they cannot both choose the same team. First come first serve.

7. Players must give a clear name of the team.

8. In the event that all players are knocked out in any round, then everyone is included in the following weeks game.

9. Deadline to make your choice of a team is 2 Hours before the first game on the schedule. Discretion will be used when needed.

10. Enter a team twice before using all 20 and you are out.


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Jul 16, 2011
Sorry, I didnt realize games were tomorrow.

Make picks I will catch up later.


Round 1 results:

Still standing:
akescpt (Liverpool)
DanDango (Spurs)
signates (Spurs)
Stickfigure (Manchester City)
SinghDude (Manchester City)

Akirky (Everton)
_kabal_ (Everton)
Tofu (West Ham)
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