Let's get the Weight of the World on our side


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May 2, 2005
I was thinking, most of us here post on other forums which have people from all over the world posting.

My idea is for us to post up a poll, explaining how bad Telkom SA ADSL service really is, and asking them to comment on it, and vote on it, which I would imagine would make it the Worst service in the World, which we could then quote..... Telkom SA voted Worst ADSL service in the World.

It would help if we could draft up a standard wording, and also put prices in US Dollars


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Aug 12, 2005
I think thats a fantanstic idea, maybe one of the moderaters can help out? :p


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May 2, 2005
OK.... Let's get some prices worked out for the ADSL services offered by Telkom, they should include all costs, includes phone line and ISP charges

So let's say the cheapest service is R 500,00 that works out to about $ 77.00 or 43 UKP

Who wants to get the info on the prices?


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Jun 20, 2005
The world already knows whats going on here. The International Internet Users Group has already sent people out to this Telecoms backwater country called South Africa.


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Oct 2, 2003
DragonLogos said:
So let's say the cheapest service is R 500,00 that works out to about $ 77.00 or 43 UKP

Ah! But most 1st world countries have ADSL speeds that start at 512kbps. If you want a true comparison, you're going to have to compare the "unshaped" 512 offering to what the rest of the world has to offer (which is what RPM did in his submission to ICASA).

Can't remember the exact figure off-hand, but I think it was around R1000, all in all?

And if you're going to post, also mention the 3 gig capping. And the port shaping. And the 0.1% broadband penetration. And what Telkom considers an "abuser". etc etc etc... I'm sure you get the idea :D


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Jul 30, 2005
Am I smoking something or is the biggest offering on one of those sites coming in at $75? *cries*


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May 2, 2005
OK I have rounded prices off, everyone please check that they are right - I could not get the prices Telkom charges for ISP access

Lastly what are all the up-load and download speeds????

I must admit it looks seriously bad for Telkom, $128.00 (US Dollars) for a half Meg Service that stops dead after you hit 3 Gigs - Might be an idea to see if we can get it into Wikipedia, perhaps even the Guinness book of World records - Maybe we make a Trophy or Certificate and post it to them

Telkom Home 192K - Phone Rental R 90,00
Line Rental (Telkom) R 270.00
ISP Charge R 170,00

Total R 530,00 = $81.00 or 46 UK-P

Telkom Home 512K - Phone Rental R 90,00
Line Rental (Telkom) R 477.00
ISP Charge R 240,00

Total R 807,00 = $ 124.00 or 70.00 UK-P

Telkom Home 1024K - Phone Rental R 90,00
Line Rental (Telkom) R 680.00
ISP Charge R 370,00

Total R 1 140,00 = $175.00 or 99 UK-P

From ajak's post:

Time Warner Cable’s Internet service costs $29.95 monthly for downloads of 512 kilobits per second and uploads of 128 kilobits per second

That's nearly One hundred Dollars MORE - And I bet they don't have to put up with a rubbish 3 gig Cap


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May 2, 2005
Input needed, how does this look, I got the prices from the nice little colour pamphlets that Telkom sends you with your phone bill, anything I have left out? Disclaimer needed? Too long winded?

Possibly the Worst ADSL in the World

We think we have found the most expensive and least wanted ADSL Service in the World, and would like to ask people from all over the World to vote and give their input on this

The company in Question is Telkom South Africa, they are at the moment the only fixed line and ADSL service provider in the country

Check out what they offer - Bear in mind that the service has a three gig Hard Cap, that means when you exceed three gigs of throughput, your service stops!!! This is despite the Communications regulator (www.icasa.org.za) saying that this is too small and to expensive

Home DSL 192K Download / 56K up-load - 51 UK Pound / $ 94 US Dollars

Home DSL 512K Download / 256K up-load - 68 UK Pound / $ 125 US Dollars

Home DSL 1024K Download / 256K up-load - 85 UK Pound / $ 158 US Dollars

In a country that calls for an end to poverty job creation and for African unity, they seem to be batting for the other side, despite repeated calls from Government and the private sector to get their prices in order they appear to be a law unto themselves

You might say that things are more expensive in Africa, and certainly the cost of communications (the life blood of any economy) is very high. However Telkom each year post record profits, last year they made Six Billion (Thousand Million) Rand profit AFTER TAX

They tell us that they are a World class service, so we would like to ask you, the World what you think

Your input is very valued. Are they good.... or are the Worst and most expensive
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May 5, 2004
Wasn't it Dr Kelly at the colloquium that said they used 30 gigs traffic as an OECD benchmark for ADSL services?
For punch value it might be worthwhile putting in a 'would be price' for a 30 gig account here in SA.


Dec 5, 2003
Where is the per gig billing and shaping on top of it all mentioned ??


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May 5, 2004
Posted by Sinister 28/10 http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=30440&page=4&highlight=record+straight
1. BT Internet

Free modem and connection on all packages.

1MB BT Broadband Basic (1GB bandwidth)- £15.99
2MB BT Broadband (15 GB bandwidth) - £22.99
2MB BT Yahoo Broadband (15 GB bandwidth) - £24.99
2MB BT Yahoo Broadband (30 GB bandwidth) - £27.99

2. Tiscali

512 kbps (30 GB bandwidth) - £14.99
1 MB (2GB bandwidth) - £15.99
2 MB (15 GB bandwidth) - £19.99

3. NTL

ntl is one of the UK’s leading providers of high-speed internet with over 1m customers already using their Broadband service.

FREE installation (worth £75) and FREE modem rental. Choose from:

1Mb (3GB bandwidth) – £9.99 per month
2Mb (30 GB bandwidth) – £24.99 per month
3Mb (30 GB bandwidth) - £37.99 per month

All of these offer 15 email addresses, 55Mb of webspace, and 30Gb monthly usage for 2 and 3 Mb services (3Gb per month for the 1Mb service)

4. Virgin

No 12 month contract

512 Kbps (3GB bandwidth) - £14.99
512 Kbps (6GB bandwith) - £17.99
1 Mbps (20 GB bandwidth) £24.99

5. Telewest BlueYonder

Telewest Broadband have just released their latest consumer offerings including free install, modem, 15 email addresses and 30MB of web space..

512K broadband (unlimited bandwidth) - £14.99
1MB broadband (unlimited bandwidth) - £19.99
2MB broadband (unlimited bandwidth) - £35.00
4MB broadband (unlimited bandwidth) - £50.00

6.BE (bethere.co.uk)

24MB broadband (unlimited bandwidth) - £24.00

ok so some1 grabbed the uk version of mweb(200% more expensive) and set that up as their standard.WAKE THE FSCK UP?!?!?..

please note,french and german prices are lower..but average you get 24mbps,uncapped,unshaped for £40.00 (obviously 24hr reconnect intervals,i live in london 6 months of the year)

the unshaped shyte is'nt a term used frequently there anyways

posted by Sh1 28/10 same link and page

Are these people making this comment stupid or just totally ignorant? Yes, that's true BT did introduce capping.
Now to Telkom why don’t you mention the following difference between what BT's doing and what Telkom’s doing:

Here's the difference:

BT's Pricing: 2 MB ADSL (From BT Website)
29.99 pound * 11.95 = R359 for a 40 GIG unshaped account (This include ADSL line rental).
This is R359 / 40 GIG = R 8.95 per GIG

Telkom Pricing: 1 MB ADSL
R 680 (line rent) + R 200 (3 GIG account) = R 880
This is R880 / 3 GIG = R293.33 per GIG

R293.33 per GIG against R8.95 per GIG

posted by Armitage 31/10 http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=30440&page=7&highlight=record+straight

HI there.
After reading this article i posted the question to a few mates overseas regarding their packages, prices and speeds.

This is what i got from just the average joe in europe and usa.

Provider: HetNet
Speed: 512 / 1600 (Up / Down)
Cost: 24 Euro's
Download Cap: Fair Use
Install: Free (DIY) Modem/Router comes free.

has 1 Year minimum Contract.

Provider: BT Broadband
Speed: 256kbs Upstream 1 Meg downstream
Cost: £24.99 a month
Download cap: 15 Gigs per month
Installation charge: Free

Provider: BT Broadband
Speed: 2.2 Mb
Limit: Unlimited
Price: £27.99
Installation: Free

This one is especially good comparison considering telkum mentioned them in their correction.

provider : EVIL AOL
speed 256 up 1 meg down
no cap
modem 3 filters provided free - plus free dvd - scooby do free diy installation

Provider: zen internet
Speed: 512k (no contention)
http://www.zen.co.uk/products/body_p...p?ProdId=18344 (price page linkage)
no cap
have to pay for own modem/equipment your side and self instaliation

Provider: blueyonder/ Telewest Broadband
Speed: 4 Mb Download / 1 Mb Upload
Cost: £24.99
Download cap: None
Installation charge: £50? Was a few years ago, can't remember.

Provider: Wanadoo
Speed: 320 / 8000 (Up / Down)
Cost: 32 €
Download Cap: Unlimited
Install: Free , Speedtouch Modem for 30€.

has 2 Year minimum Contract.

Provider: Alice/Tiscali
Speed: 1280 / 27000 (Up / Down)
Cost: 30 € + unlimited phone included
Download Cap: Unlimited
Install: Free , router offer.

Provider: Essent @Home Family
Speed: 5.000KBit / 600KBit
Cost: 47.50 Euro / month
Download cap: Unlimited (Fair use, but even at 2 TB/month they don't complain )
Installation charge: Free (do it yourself kit), installing can be done for 25 Euro

Provider: Wanadoo ADSL2 Family
Speed: 8.000kbit - 20.000Kbit / 1024Kbit
Cost: 24 Euro / month
Download cap: Unlimited (Fair Use policy)
Installation charge: Rree (do it yourself kit), Installing can be done for 75 Euro

Provider: SURFnet ADSL
Speed: 7.000 Kbit / 1024Kbit
Cost: 42.50 Euro / Month
Download cap: Unlimited, no fair use
Installation charge: Free (both do it yourself kit and installing)

ISP: Plusnet
Speed Down/Up: 2Mb/0.5Mb 50:1 Contention
Uncapped (although there is a fair usage policy of 75GB off peak pm)
£24.99 pm

There are 20Mb services springing up in the UK, but thats only at exchanges with LLU (local loop unbundling) ie. London

Provider: SBC
Speed: 3Mbps down/512kbps up
Cost: $24.99(USD) per month
Download cap: none that I know of or have experienced
Installation charge: none if you do it yourself

Even the old management company has got immensely superior product offerings.

Telkom should really learn that we aren't stupid idiots that will take their spoonfed propaganda as is. We do think about what they say and we will sea if they are talking sheet quite fast.

So in all telkom ure full of it.


Hope that helps :)


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Sep 19, 2005
I agree with pupa. Project the price of *unshaped* 30GB international traffic.
Also, you need the forced R92 phone line rental.



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Aug 4, 2005
With all the weight losing programs out there I don’t think we are going to succeed


Dec 5, 2003
Facts on mauritius, Where is the TELKOM argument now about, international badwidth costs, geographical position, penetration etc.

This seems unlimited , uncapped access probably all international as there could not be much local. Unless the english is different

Symbol Mauritius Rupee Exchange
Rate 1 South African Rand = 0.2211 Todays rate

Wanadoo ADSL Home Tariffs

Wanadoo ADSL Home 128
Monthly Rental Rs 990* = R218
Unlimited access irrespective of day and time
Max.Speeds Download/Upload
(Kbits/s) 128/ 64
Mailbox Up to 5 free mail boxes
Hosting Facility included 50MB with domain name of type pages.intnet.mu

Wanadoo ADSL Home 512
Monthly Rental Rs 1,590* = R350

Unlimited access irrespective of day and time
Max.Speeds Download/Upload
(Kbits/s) 512/128
Mailbox Up to 5 free mail boxes
Hosting Facility included 50MB with domain name of type pages.intnet.mu

Wanadoo ADSL 1 M
Monthly Rental Rs 6,500*= R1430

Unlimited access irrespective of day and time
Max.Speeds Download/Upload
(Kbits/s) 1024/128
Mailbox Up to 10 free mail boxes (100MB)
Hosting Facility included 100MB with domain name of type pages.intnet.mu

Note: Our Wanadoo ADSL Home package 128 and 512 is reserved exclusively to residential customers.

Additional Requirements Tariffs
Line Conversion Rs 1000* = R220

Installation Fee Rs 1000* = R220

Modem Alcatel ST 510 Multi-user ADSL Gateway Rs 4500* = R990

Modem WiFi Rs 4500* = R990

WiFi USB adaptor Rs 1590* = R350

Central Splitter Rs 250* = R55


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May 2, 2005
Ok - I have some good ideas on re-wording, I need a few walks in the Garden to fine tune it. Then a day or two to think about it

Anyone feel free on more input

And now

One point that should also be cleared up is this

ADSL in SA requires the Following:

Phoneline (92.28)

Telkom HomeDSL 192 Connection (or Higher) Only available from Telkom at time of writing R 270,00

ISP Internet charge Available for Most ISPs including Telkom R 249,00

It is the Connection charge that is in question (R 270,00) For example (as I understand it) If you are in the UK you pay for your fixed line and ISP charge, there is a one off charge from the host phone company (eg BT or AT&T) to cover the cost of Equipment (ie the DSLAM)

Therefore it appears that Telkom is the only Phone company in the World that does this ie Charge a fee (over and above the phone line charge) to connect the Customer to the ISP

Basically what it boils down to is double billing, the customer pays Telkom Twice to connect to the ISP (phoneline and Connection charges) and the ISP pays Telkom to Connect to the Customer, for which the customer pays again - And perhaps the true meaning of the quotes they often spout out that they are World leaders, I would say that they are defiantly in the top five of the most expensive phone companies in the World - Of course this is not advertised with the same amount of fanfare, but one that does need to be made public

I don't know if it is worth while including this, as it could just add boring content to a post, but if anyone wants to change it and put in what they feel is important, they are free to do so, remember I would like as many people to post something on as many Bulletin Boards as possible.... and it was not disputed by Telkom at the ADSL hearings

Ohhh Nearly Forgot Telkom offer a Massive 5 Meg for Webpage