LG TV and LG Store / Netflix not loading

Apr 7, 2018
HELP!!! I’ve been trying for what feels like weeks to sort this out. I have an LG Smart TV (beginning to doubt its IQ), and it has connected to my home WiFi. The LG store, Netflix, Showmax, Youtube widgets are all on the home screen. But When I go to the LG store, it takes me to a loading page for a few seconds and then back to normal tv. Same thing when I click the Netflix widget.
Netflix says it’s LG, LG say it’s Netflix, MWEB say it’s not them.
What in the world do I do?!!!


Executive Member
Aug 12, 2010
It's LG, because the wifi on their tv's ain't the greatest -even if your router is in the room next door and even if it says it's got good signal on the tv.
Connect via a network cable and report back.
(I bet there will be nothing to report back, because it'll work ;) )