Limited Line Speed In My Area and Possible Alternatives to Telkom ADSL


May 23, 2016
Hi Guys,

I'm currently using Afrihost as my ISP and wanted to upgrade from the current 2Mbps Package to either an 8Mbps or 10Mbps package however when I entered my telephone number on the Afrihost and Telkom websites I see that the max I can go is 2Mbps. I spoke to a Telkom technician and he said that the lines in my area were upgraded to up to 10Mbps. So I contact Telkom support to confirm and they say it can only go up to 2Mbps and I need to wait till Telkom upgrades the infrastructure in my area.

I find this quite an inconvenience and want to know if there are any alternatives to a Telkom ADSL line that I could possibly look into?

My reason for wanting to upgrade is I want to start streaming media instead of paying for the crap on DSTV.

Any Help/ Advice would be appreciated.