Linaro project brings Linux to mobile phones


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Jun 30, 2008
That's retarded. Why aren't they working on MeeGo?

Linaro is not aiming to create another distro. They are providing tools that MeeGo and others can use. So, it's not retarded. :)

Q2. Is it a distribution?

A2. No. It is a common software foundation and set of tools for other distributions to use. Distributions can either take code that has been pushed upstream or from the monthly source tree tarballs that act as staging trees for code destined for upstream.


Q8. How is Linaro different from Android, MeeGo, LiMo or other similar distribution?

A8. Linaro is not a distribution but provides great software and tools for other distributions to pull from (including OEMs who want to develop an in-house Linux). Linaro's aim is to provide a common software and tools foundation for the industry to use. Linaro's software focus is on areas that interact directly with the silicon such as multimedia, graphics, power management, kernel and boot. Distributions such as Android and Ubuntu provide the full user experience whereas Linaro enhances the upstream projects directly and provides useful components to any downstream distributions that wish to leverage the work done by Linaro.
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