Nov 4, 2013

We are Skobbejak Games, a local two man (Tiaan Gerber & Alexander Ehlers)
indie game devlopment team. We released a prototype of our first game "Vapour"
back in the beginning of August this year and it has garnered a lot of fans and
exposure since.

That's why we recently launched both an Indiegogo campaign as well as a Steam
Greenlight campaign. We just wanted to share the news with the mybraodbandZA
community, if you could help us in anyway we would appreciate it immensely.

Steam Greenlight:

Please vote yes for us on Steam and if you can follow us and/or favourite us.
Also spread the word to all your Steam buddies and ask them to do the same.


Check out the campaign and get hold of some awesome tickets where you can pre-
order the full game and get a hold of awesome Vapour goodies (like beer mugs, t-
shirts, concept art, posters etc.). If you cant donate please spread the word and
if you have time maybe a facebook like, google + or a tweet.

Thanks for your time guys, if you have any questions we will check up on the
forums mybroadbandZA forums to keep you guys informed.