Lockdown: Understanding Childminding and visiting the elderly


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Feb 17, 2017
So the rules around child minders are a little clearer, but still has grey areas to it.
I'm a level-5 essential service, and my wife level-4, so based on the latest regulations, I understand that childminders are allowed.

From an older, but more in-depth article
Granted, the article was written early on during level 5 lockdown, but now at level 4, its still not perfectly clear.

My childminder is employed without any third-parties. It is a direct employment. So what then classifies as a permit to allow her to come in to do her job under the current regulations?
We have chosen to fetch and drop off our minder to limit her exposure to public transport since level 4 started. Does my level-5 and my wife's level-4 permit suffice if we get stopped at a road block?

Also, historically (pre-covid days), on one day of the week, we would have the grandparents come in to childmind for us when our employee is not able to. What are the rules around family members being child minders? (because we not the only family that makes use of family minders on a more regular basis)

Which brings me to my final question: Re: the elderly - what are the rules that will allow checking in on our older generation. Making sure their cupboard is stocked with groceries (to limit the public exposure), and just general well-being?
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