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Aug 4, 2021
Good Day All,

Mods, please move this thread if I am posting in the incorrect place. I am looking for any leads on companies offering part-time, holiday-work, bursaries, a foot in the door.

I am completing a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics as a mature student (I previously worked in Aviation for 10-years as a pilot, flight instructor, and in junior managerial positions such as Head of Training and Chief Flight Instructor.)

I am trying to find information on any companies that occupy the space intersected by the both the aviation and tech industries.

I want to find a company that will allow me to do an internship, or ideally, very junior part- or flexi-time work so that I can gain relevant software engineering/development experience. So far, all the companies that I have found that offer bursaries and internships operate in Fintech, and although this is interesting, I am hoping that by finding a company that develops software for aviation applications, flight-control software for drones, etc., that I will be able to pivot on my aviation knowledge and experience and get a foot in the door.

I have maintained a grade in the high-80s while doing unrelated part-time work, so I have a demonstrable history of being able to balance my studies and work commitments. Additionally, I have been augmenting my studies with as many soft-courses as possible (Kaggel, Azure, Coursera, etc.) to widen my skillset and exposure.

Please pm me if you are able to point me in the direction of who I could contact or what companies I can look in to? Any leads would be appreciated.

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Jan 2, 2013
The CTO of DroneDeploy is South African - in today’s climate remote work from SA may be possible.


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Dec 15, 2018
Have you tried LinkedIn? A few months ago I saw an aviation company (based in Australia), looking for a developer.