Looking for song challenge - TV Advert Song 2005-2008


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Nov 2, 2015
Hi All,

Hopefully this poses enough of a challenge ;)

I am looking for a specific song or artist that was featured in an advert around 2005-2008.

The advert is South African. The advert played specifically in cinemas around 2005 to 2008.

The advert was something like, "stay alert stay alive", or "don't drink don't drive" or anti-smoking or some form of anti-something around that time.

The song I am looking for was actually at the end of the advert, and it played for no more than 15 seconds. (Always at the end of the advert when the logo of the brand displayed).

It was specifically house or deep house, no lyrics, just this awesome catchy tune!

The song is definitely from a South African house artist.

I am not even looking for the song title (though if anybody knows, that would be epic), I am just looking for names of South African house artists, and at least I can start there.

Thanks :D