Looking for Wolwedans In Die Skemer 1983 edition.


Oct 13, 2011
Please if anyone can help me, I've been searching high and low for an original edition of Leon van Nierop's Wolwedans In Die Skemer - 1983.

We've even e-mailed the author and he couldn't give us advice on where to look. If anyone knows of a second-hand bookshop's details I might be able to phone and ask, or if anyone knows of or has seen a copy floating around, please please please let me know.

We'd be willing to pay for this book, it's just a matter of finding it. One can find the new edition and the DVD everywhere.

I even came across the radio series episodes here.

I'm not sure where to turn to, but you guys always seem to have some advice or pointers. Any help would be appreciated.