LTE connection but i have LTE-A coverage


May 20, 2019
RSRQ: -6dB RSRP: -82dBm RSSI: -55dBm SINR: 12dB
Best Speeds i could get, please note the 4mb one was with my Wifi connection from local ISP
Forgot to mention that i have full Signal 5 bars.


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Nov 1, 2006
You are right I guess I should have been more specific. 2300MHz is technically faster due to it having more spectrum but the speed the end user get will depend on tower congestion.
Higher frequencies will allow for higher speeds, but the range is shorter - so that could cancel out or even turn out to be a disadvantage. Lower frequencies penetrate obstructions easier.

One of the reasons using 5Ghz on home routers on Wifi 5 is not advisable if you have a large home and / or you only use it for internet that does not supersede your 2.4Ghz wifi speeds in any case.

When used for copying files on a LAN it is advantageous within a certain range limit.


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Aug 31, 2003
Higher frequencies will allow for higher speeds, but the range is shorter - ....
That's not really correct.
Speed is dependant on bandwidth, it just so happens to be that the higher frequencies do have more bandwidth because providers are all scrambling for low frequencies so it can go further.
This can now be clearly seen as 5G comes our way.
RAIN has by far more 5G bandwidth available than all the other providers put together and the reason the other providers are so desperately in need of the high TV band spectrum as when 5G hits, RAIN will get all the business.
With current available 5G bandwidth, RAIN will probably achieve speeds in the order of 500 Mbps where the rest of them will be lucky if they can produce the entry level of 200 Mbps.
Even when ICASA hands out the TV band spectrum, there is only 200 Mhz available and they have already said VC and MTN will need to share it so that is 100 Mhz each which at an estimate, will give them speeds of around 300 Mbps if they lucky.