Mafia 151: For it is easier to shout 'Stop', than to do it - Game Thread


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Oct 17, 2003
It's mid-September 1945, you're in a group of people who have all emerged from the nearby woods near Rainai, Lithuania when hearing that the end of the war was declared through a battered and barely functional wireless. Your people have suffered horrible atrocities at the hands of, first, the Russians occupying Lithuania and then the Germans.

In the next few weeks you establish sources of water and food, with regular scavenging parties and people rebuilding shelters for everyone to live in. However, the death of one of your leaders, Vladis Grutas and his 2 right hand men over the past few days leads you to believe that not all is yet well with the world yet. They were killed brutally, with Vladis's brain found cooking in a pot with some onions and garlic.

Seems the fight for your survival is not yet over.

Players: 12
@Mike Hoxbig

Setup & Disclaimer
I've designed this one to fsck with you but believe you me, you chose to do this to yourselves ;)
It's all about sussing out behaviour and using your intellect to your benefit.

Possible Roles: (Not all roles have been used)
I cannot reveal role names as it will give away to much information.
Vanilla Town, Mafia Goon, Mafia GodFather, Mafia Ninja, Serial Killer, Jailkeeper, Tracker, Neighborizer, Fruit Vendor, Watcher, Commuter, Psychiatrist, Vigilante, Paranoid Gun Owner, Vengeful

1) Because this is a heavy fscked with setup, I will always try to adjudicate and resolve things fairly.
2) There are roles you have never heard of, that's because you guys gave me new ideas.
3) No information outside of this thread may be used in this thread. If you fsck with the goodwill of this game, I will make up and assign you a role of Village Idiot in every other game I ever Mod. Don't self target, don't violate the rules to force a modkill.
4) Voting for yourself will get you insta-killed, your write-up won't be good.
5) Don't edit your posts. Repeat offences will be mod-killed.
6) Meta-gaming to an extent will be allowed. Most of you have played with each other before.
7) Don't try and guess the setup, you will be wrong.
8) Just have fun, don't be a cnut to each other.
9) If you lurk your Role may suddenly change. Be warned.
10) Please set your profile settings to not reflect what you are doing on the forum, during this game. This will prevent people from "meta-gaming" by visiting your profile and seeing when you were last active.
11) My word is law, there may be rules I have not thought of. I may not get it right 100%, but I will try be fair.

Day Phase:
During the day you may freely discuss anything you like within the confines of the Game topic
Use ##Vote <PlayerName> to vote for a person.
Use ##Unvote to remove your vote.
Don't ##Unvote to ##Vote, just ##Vote <NewPlayerName>

A Lynch is reached when 50% + 1 votes have been reached on a player.
No Lynch is allowed
You must vote. Trust me, you don't want me to vote on your behalf.

Night Phase:
Send me a PM on your activities should you have a night activity

I will set these when a reasonable amount of time has passed for discussion. Keep a watch our for the Vote count threads.

I will open the thread, when I have receive all pre-game activities (*evil.cackle*)
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Oct 14, 2011
Anyone notice that cop, doc and role blocker not on the list of roles?