Making Cape Town inner city car free ?


Dank meme lord
Oct 31, 2007
Short extract from a recent PPA news letter. First I heard of such plan, but I guess it could work?

Let’s empower the ward councillors
DA councillor for Bonteheuwel, Angus McKenzie, was quoted in a Fin24 article on Tuesday as saying, “Our solution (my note: to skewed spatial planning and lack of access to efficient public transport) is going to be the introduction of bicycles, better trains, buses and making our inner city a no-car zone.”
As soon as I read this I contacted councillor McKenzie and asked for a meeting. We will get together next week and I will offer to help him in any way I can. Angus is not my councillor, but what he’s saying is music to my ears and I want to help him to get more support for his ideas within the city structures. Councillor Ian Iverson is another councillor who seems interested in Non-Motorised Transport. Please speak to your local ward councillor, give them the cyclist’s perspective and ask them to get in touch with Ian and Angus.


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Sep 2, 2009
These ideas are always being passed around in all city transport meetings (JHB, PTA, DBN that I know of). They talk it through, and in the end figure it doesn't work. Problem is that it actually concentrates traffic on the periphery to an extent much worse than just letting cars in. The only way it can work is if you have a super integrated public transport system AND urban planning around it.


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Jan 23, 2014
Expect a lot of businesses and people to move out of the city.
Nice cash-cow for the DA/COCT but will be a nightmare for the people that live and do business there.