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May 24, 2010
First South African arrest in Mirror Trading International case

An alleged net beneficiary of Mirror Trading International has been arrested after failing to appear before a Section 417/418 enquiry called by the scheme’s liquidators.

Multiple sources have informed MyBroadband that Phillip Botha was arrested and must appear before a magistrate to explain why he should not be remanded to custody.
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What the actual hell. Do these give the best oral sex or whats going on here ??

How the actual fk do the people who were front and center of all this and prior schemes capable of avoiding interrogation because "it might hurt their feelings???" ?????

This is basically all the people who stole the most and somehow just so happen to find a way that all of them could avoid answering questions ?

MTI shareholder Clynton Marks and his wife Cheri, who headed up communications, won their application not to appear for a second round of questioning from the liquidators.

Another group comprising Nico Boshoff, Usher Bell, Marinus Bell, Ignatius Bell, Nico van der Merwe, and Gerald Lassen also had the liquidators’ summons against them dismissed.

Judge Baartman ruled that subjecting them to interrogation would be an invasive public event that could not be undone.

and then....

However, Baartman also said she did not believe the applicants had a solid case to oppose MTI being declared an unlawful scheme.