Man dressed in loincloth robbing Hermanus cyclists at knifepoint


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Mar 22, 2016
A man wearing only a loincloth is attacking and robbing cyclists in the Hemel en Aarde Valley in Hermanus.

One of his alleged victims captured him with a GoPro camera on Friday. He was armed with a stick and a long knife.

A photo shows him wearing the watch of one of his victims around his ankle.

A cyclist who got close to the attacker believed some traditional ritual, or mental health issue could be involved.

Leon Prak, owner of Hermanus Cycles, said he had been out on a ride with his son on Friday afternoon when he passed three young cyclists who had just been attacked.

The trio had apparently offered their attacker watches and cellphones. Except for the one watch, it seemed as though the other valuables were discarded.

Prak told them to turn back, take his son with them and phone the police.

"I went further along the trail to make sure he didn’t run and disappear. About 50m along, I heard shouting and he was attacking another two people," Prak told News24 on Tuesday.
He rushed to the aid of the two male cyclists, hoping the assailant would be intimidated by more people.
"He was swinging at them with a stick and knife, going fairly nuts at it. He broke a bicycle frame and helmet. He also left dents in my bike. Fortunately, no one was injured."

The man did not communicate and eventually fled into the bushes.

"I suspect he is mentally ill or there is some kind of ritual involved because of the crazy way of acting, the way he is dressed and all that."

Prak said there had been mixed reaction from cyclists. Some were now being very careful, while others felt people were overreacting.

"A couple of people are saying it is a hoax and he is posing for photos. It is absolutely nuts! I was there."

Western Cape police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said cases of robbery common, robbery with a weapon and malicious damage to property were reported last week. No one had been arrested yet. People were urged to be on the lookout and contact police when they saw him.

Prak said officers should actively be looking for the man in bushes up in the valley.

"He is not there to rob anyone. He is there to kill," he claimed.



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Aug 7, 2003
Where's the photo?



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Sep 8, 2005
Idiot cyclists are still doing that without firearms? Deserve it then. Not like the dangers are not well known and documented.


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Feb 10, 2009
Cycling with a gun in Hermanus?! Are you crazy?

Well maybe not a bad idea to start arming yourself.
You get very nice light weight sub compact pistols these days

Anyway one more incident like this with an armed cyclist and this issue is resolved once and for all.
It will be self defense and the rest of the cyclists will be safe once again.


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Dec 15, 2009
Cycling with a gun in Hermanus?! Are you crazy?
Why? Here in Moreleta/Pierre van Reyneveld In Pretoria and some other areas lots of cyclists have been badly attacked and robbed at gun point or knife point.

Nothing wrong with it.