Man held for allegedly shooting poacher


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Jun 15, 2008
WTF Is the life of a black man less important then a rhino's? Arrest the racist and throw him in jail. Oh, and throw the keys away :D

While I don't have a problem with him shooting the piece of crap poachers, he should have let it be - you can't shoot a trespasser, which is all they were at that stage.
It's not our property - it is mine. Come trespassing around my hood and I will gladly bust a cap in yo ass man.


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Aug 3, 2005
Yes but he didn't have any evidence thereof. He only saw a suspicious vehicle on his property, and opened fire.

He did not just open fire. He signaled them to stop. After which the bakkie tried to run for it. rhino farm, bakkie trying to hoof it? Sure, them's bona fide tourists out for a fun day.

And just maybe he say something on the bakkie if it went past him? Like a Rhino that had a heart attack and these well-intentioned gentlemen are racing to get it to a vet? Then this cruel-hearted sumbish goes and shoots the driver. Tsk.