Massive cuts to minister perks in South Africa – including no cars over R700,000


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May 4, 2012
I sure wish I could find a job that gave me the same perks these crooks get.
I can not think of one single reason they should be allowed anything more than a basic salary and a cellphone allowance. Reduced benefits or not, they're basically still living for free.
The ministers, of all people, should be given the perspective of life that we all have to deal with in they economy they have so easily destroyed. It's a fools paradise.
And I bet most of those perks never get declared to Sars. Government employees should not get a vehicle more than R250k and it definitely should not be theirs. Personal travel should not be covered and expenses not related to their job definitely should not. Politicians, DA included, are effing up the country because they're always shielded from the consequences of their actions unlike the rest of us who have to pay not only for ourselves but for them as well.


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Jan 15, 2010
Does it cover the cost of renting a vehicle too? They just claim the car doesn't work then rent a nice fancy car at R2mil per month?


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Sep 25, 2007
MTN have an unlimited voice, unlimited SMS and "unlimited" data contract for R2000 per month. Why do these crooks need 2.5x that amount for their cellphone?

I sure wish my company would pay for my wife to fly around the country as well.

Private use? As in they can just fly around whenever they like for non-government business? This should be 0 tickets per year. They earn a salary, let them use that to buy their own tickets for private travel.

Isn't R5k a bit much for electricity and water? It does not sound like they are being very environmentally (or Eskom) friendly if they are paying that much for just electricity and water (ie. not rates and taxes).
It's a start, I guess. Better than the old handbook rules