MediaDevelopments Now Spams for New Clients


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Aug 22, 2015
A thing I've recently noticed is happing more and more is companies spamming contact forms to pitch their services.

Now if you are not intelligent enough or too lazy to do the work required to set up a functional cold email campaign then you shouldn't be working in this space.

This morning a company who trades under the name MediaDevelopments decided that their new outreach method should be spamming the inboxes of your competitors to hopefully create enough doubt in the minds of clients so that they might switch over and use their spammy service.

Fortunately, my services are second to none and my clients have been loyal to me for years and we've developed a strong relationship based on trust and good ethics. So when a company comes around and uses spammy methods to obtain new business, people see right through them.

Now the reason for this post is just to let all the other service providers that there is a new SPAMMER in town and they are and I already know that I am not the only provider dealing with this rubbish this morning and was hoping that more companies will tell their stories of the spam apprentice...

Here is a screenshot of the email:


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