Medical aid plans - whats the on the ground answers


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Feb 1, 2011
Hello Guys. need some advice.
looking for a cheap medical aid, hospital plan only.

the problem with brokers is that they only sell you what they want and do not give you a full range of what is out there.

i consider myself healthy in that i dont have any sickness and major illness. just looking for a medical aid hospital plan as a form of safety. should something happen, i do not wish to end up in a state hospital.

currently i have come across selfmed. rates are R850pm.


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Jan 14, 2014
To me it depends which hospitals they allow you to go to and what exactly is covered (and how much). I would also, if I were you, consider a R3k budget for medical. Use the R850 for the hospital plan you want with selfmed, and the rest into a 32 day savings account. You can pay any day-to-day medical stuff from there and have room to upgrade your medical aid if you want later-on