mercurial's branded gear giveaway


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Jun 12, 2007
Following on from this thread, I have decided to give my branded gear away to a lucky forumite.
I'm therefore running a little competition of my own, which I will close tomorrow morning at 11:00am. All you need to do is post any number from 1 - 200 in this thread, and tomorrow morning promptly after 11:00am, I will use a random number generator that will generate a between from 0 - 201 (1 - 200). If the your post contains the random number generated, then you will win my branded gear. rpm has said that he is okay with me giving it away to a forumite who currently does not have any branded gear. In the unlikely event that two or more forumites have the same winning number, the prize will go to the forumite who posted earlier than the other opponents.


1) You may only post once
2) You may only post one number
3) No discussions of any kind are to be held in this thread. Post your number and move along.
4) Cut-off time is 11:00am tomorrow morning.

If you have any queries, you may contact me via PM.


Thanks rpm
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