Mikrotik and the dreaded OOB shark


Another MyBB
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Nov 20, 2015
Hi Guys

Is it possible that you can monitor bandwidth consumption on your Mikrotik, and at 100Mb data bundle left over (can be adjusted by the user) it will start to throttle you seriously, as well as prevent the opening of bandwidth-hungry web pages and killing torrents and ftp downloads?

I'm just curious to see if it can do this kind of song and dance as well.... because I'm planning to use a 3G device instead of iBurst....

Or else I'll just stick with prepaid data bundles and not having to worry about that sharkie if this is not possible.

This will be a bit of a problem with multiple gateways (especially fallback connections) but in this case, if the fallback is a 3G device on contract, then you can use this to prevent the OOB sharkie from nomming your arms, legs and kidneys (if you will monitor the fallback 3G device only).