Minister Mkhize must step aside; Tax revolt imminent

Cosmik Debris

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Feb 25, 2021
You stated I lied by omission. What did I lie about?

You admitted on these boards that you worked for the government at some point. What privileges did you not have access to?

I left the SANDF because I would have to mentor someone of another race that was clearly not on my level, had no experience and had less qualifications but would be promoted above me. I was told to my face that this would happen because he was black and I was white and that it is a state imperative. This, despite it being illegal as the Defence Force and SSA were exempt from AA.

Good enough example for you?

vigras rojara

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Dec 28, 2016
Because it's a state institution. I'm asking whether you have seen any white males behind a counter in any state institution in the present day? Now answer the question, stop deflecting and being evasive.
Last time you brought up this shite I gave you numerous examples of white males employed in the civil service.

Is this Groundhog Day or something?