Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins


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Oct 2, 2020
The whole YouTube, Facebook, zoom thing is taking it a bit far. Let’s ban vodacom and mtn and the cars they drove to the meeting blah blah blah. WHEN MTI is found to be illegal then take issue with zoom or YouTube etc - up until that time it’s problematic.


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Dec 22, 2020
How much longer will the FBI allow him to continue with these scams?
These things take time and no doubt the events of 6 JAN have the agency quite busy. But just like the events of that day, the public and victims can likely assist the FBI.

You can report a known Cyber Crime to the FBI here:

Please be advised that you need to treat it like an Affidavit so operate on the premise of being under oath - its no different to giving a statement at your local SAPS charge office. Submit only what you know as fact and can prove, no hearsay or "some guy on the internet said so" for example. Dates, times, links and photos all help.

Below are his particulars required for the complaint:

Wary GOM

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Aug 23, 2019
Joel and Cheri might have been hatched under the same mushroom: they have incredible confidence or equally incredible stupidity. This new scheme of Joel Santiago's is so clearly designed to operate as a scam and probably a ponzi yet he is happy to advertise it. He already has one count against him in the US, and since he had US citizens associated with him and MTI, that will eventually be investigated by US authorities even if they aren't doing it as part of the SA liquidation and criminal cases. Irrespective of whatever else happens this year, we have some rather juicy serials to follow.


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Feb 6, 2009
Hi Guys - Been working hard for a few weeks and out of touch with the latest here.
Just wondering what happened to the MTI scam now what Facebook group?

I always used to pop in there and see the latest.