Mirror Trading International "masterminds" summonsed to pay back R4.7 billion + extra


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May 24, 2010
"Masterminds" of South Africa's biggest Bitcoin scam summonsed — on the hook for R4.7 billion

Mirror Trading International's liquidators have issued a joint summons against eighteen individuals to pay R4,666,077,528 to cover the scheme’s debts — with 7% interest.

According to the liquidators, these individuals are “masterminds” of the scheme, and it has asked the Pretoria High Court to hold them liable in terms of the Companies Act.
By the time they done with Don Nkomo, Cheri et al will be on the streets.

Oh wait, no then she will be on to her next scheme!
"It should be noted that the rand amounts are calculated based on bitcoin’s value at the time of the deposit or withdrawal. Bitcoin traded at far lower levels at MTI’s height."
Ah got it :) yeah was significantly lower.