MK vets will guard Nkandla to 'protect president Zuma', says Carl Niehaus


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Apr 20, 2005

Volgens Maroela Media se inligting is dit presies wat die EFF-leierskap tydens die veelbesproke tee-afspraak verlede Vrydag aan Zuma oorgedra het – dat hy die konstitusionele hof moet gehoorsaam, en dat hulle hom met mag en mening sal teenstaan as hy dit nie doen nie.


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Aug 30, 2017


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Aug 15, 2019
And there are those dark souls that support crooked Zuma and his ANC. On this forum. Gang of five or so here.

The famous five. ANC style. Meh.


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Jan 29, 2008
Do these 'vets' get that actually defending that knut would involve more than placing a limpet mine in q shopping centre .......


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Jun 25, 2010

Various sources have their own take on the tea party, and now there is also this,

EFF members accuse Malema of not consulting party over Zuma ‘tea meeting’ – report​

EFF insiders, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of intimidation, told the ‘Mail & Guardian’ they were ‘frustrated’ when they heard that Malema and Zuma would be meeting over tea.​

Some members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are reportedly disappointed and frustrated that the party’s leader Julius Malema did not consult the organisation before embarking on his “tea” meeting with former president Jacob Zuma last Friday in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

The Mail & Guardian reported that the EFF’s highest decision-making body, the central command team (CCT), was apparently not consulted about the meeting.

Sources inside the CCT, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of intimidation, told the publication they were “frustrated” when they heard that Malema and Zuma would be meeting over tea.

The sources – who include two EFF councillors – said they were “disappointed” with Malema and said he had “gone too far” by not consulting with the party’s central command team. They also claimed that the EFF’s national leaders were not empowered to take a decision to support Zuma in his battle with the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

“What I know is that he makes calculated and strategic moves. There is obviously a bigger reason that would have necessitated the CIC [commander-in-chief] going to Nkandla. I am just as confused as everyone else,” an EFF insider was quoted as saying. “That, to me, is the disappointing part. This tea not only has historical significance, but it speaks to what the EFF is about.”

Last week, Sunday Times reported that the EFF’s meeting with Zuma was long in the making despite it being portrayed as a spontaneous invite on social media. The tea encounter was also attended by Zuma’s staunch supporter in the governing party, Tony Yengeni, and the former national chairperson of the EFF advocate Dali Mpofu.

The paper reported that sources familiar with the matter claimed the meeting was part of a strategy being pursued by so-called “progressive forces” within the ANC who are opposed to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership.

The Zuma-Malema talks apparently followed a series of discussions between the two political leaders’ close allies – Ekurhuleni mayor Mzwandile Masina and former ANC Nelson Mandela Bay councillor, Andile Lungisa.

The EFF has remained quiet on what was discussed during the meeting, with its national spokesperson Vuyani Pambo only saying “the tea was nice and sweet and very hot”.


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Apr 8, 2006
No it's predictable, the police will be forced to do something and they will be called racist or something.... or they will be too scared to do anything.
I'm tending towards strongly worded letters and investigating options and and and but nothing actually happening tbh...

The powder keg of actually arresting Zuma is too big politically for the ANC to contemplate right now, even if it is absolutely the thing they need to be getting behind.