Mobile data contract recommendations


The Humble Scot!
I need advice to provide mobile WiFi internet for family in Pietermaritzburg.

Because it isn't something I have needed to keep up with, unfortunately I am not sure what the best options/contracts are.

Ideal requirements:

+/- 3 to 10 Gbs per month
MTN or Telkom (or Vodacom?)
MiFi device (simple to use)
Contract is fine (will be in my name)
Hard cap so that I don't get any OOB surprises
Use will be mainly WhatsApp, Facebook and You Tube
No requirement for use for the wee hours (no night surfer), as it's for an elderly couple

All suggestions, recommendations will be welcome.
You may find that it's best to check network strength/availability before looking at costs.
I've been in places that have very poor MTN reception, such that MTN provided me with an antenna, and I'm currently in a spot with no Telkom coverage. It doesn't help too much looking at the coverage maps, the only sure way is to buy a 99c SIM and test it at the location.


Super Grandwizard