Mondli Exposes Bigotry of Cape Independence


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Aug 4, 2005
Implying that if afrikaners were treated and raised like many africans, they wouldn't behave exactly the same?

lol.. the inconvenient truth is you only as good as the treatment given. Something forum members refuse to admit because superior jeans make all the difference ;)

Wrt Cape Town always acting independent.. cool. Wrt Cape Town whites never being racist.. cool.

I guess group areas act never was enforced. District 6 never existed, majority never owned land and businesses in the cbds. I mean that’s just BS.. whites and municipality run by them in the past never laid a finger on the majority. The majority just wanted to live in slums on the cheap flats far from the cbds where they worked and businesses.. meh, majority owning a business never happen.

Personally I I’m not a fan of the independence thing as it’s gonna lead to civil war or messy situation akin to it. Pretend all you like that after independence the majorly will just happily continue on.. but reality is that majority who aren’t white & supporters .. they not doing so to get nothing back ;)

The Da support is an anti ANC support.. huge difference and why it’s eroding. Post independence, if it happens, an ANC like party will emerge.