Montego Karoo & Classic


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May 13, 2011
Jock. Have used Montego Monty & Me for our Pitbull mix for a few months. We mix in some high quality imported brand foods from time to time but don't stress about it.

Been using Jock junior for my pitbull pup. Good price, great food, and came highly recommended by a breeder that I trust.
Funny you mention Jock.
I've used it for years and suddenly my dogs would not eat it, just left it for days.
So I assumed a dud bag, and I bough another bag, same issue.

So now I'm on Wuma


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Jun 21, 2008
Been using Montego for years now and never a problem. Did have to switch to senior last year as she is getting old.

I did notice an improvement in her health after we did the switch as it is better suited for her dietary requirements.

My dog last saw a vet six years ago when she was probably 4 years old and still at the shelter.

My dog has sensitive skin and the guy who baths her once a month always uses a different shampoo. Might be a coincidence but her skin is better since we started using him.
Jun 13, 2017
My Golden Retrievers were on Nutribyte for a while but didn’t really enjoy it, now they are on Karoo Large Breed Puppy they are super happy with the food and they fart way less.