'Moove Geraldine Moove'


Honorary Master
May 5, 2004
Hehe, some of the slogans of seen during the strike.


Cape Town - As the public service strike continues, strikers have had more time to sharpen up their slogans.

These were some of the posters at protests around the country on Wednesday:

# "Mr President, Why are you so quiet are u still here?"

# "Can you read this? Thank teachers."

# "Geraldine: Most Wanted. If found 12 percent reward."

# "We resent 6.5 percent."

# "Ons is gatvol" (We are fed-up).

# "57 percent president

50 percent ministers

20 percent judges

6 percent insult."

# "Julle eet en vreet, wat van ons?" (You eat and feast, what about us?)

# "Moove Geraldine Moove" (accompanied by a picture of a cow)

# "Give the 6 percent to Jabu." (a reference to Fraser-Moleketi's husband)

# "Geraldine. You are the weakest link. KOOBYE."

# "Teachers get 6.5 percent while cheaters get 57 percent."

# "Viva SADTU. Give us a living wage. We miss our learners."

# "Moleketi Ons soekie moeilikeitie Net 12 percent." (Moleketi. We are not looking for problems. Only 12 percent.)

# "Moleketi give your father 6.5 percent."

# "ANC govt (oppressor) = HF Verwoerd (Geraldine) + PW Botha (Manto)"