Morality in modern society


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May 4, 2012
This is not a news post, although a news article is linked, so I'm going to offer my comments in the first post as the article is linked.

Church sorry for saying that sex is just for married heterosexuals

Years ago, religions of various kinds were the source of morality. In a lot of cases, morality was enforced by law. I think adultery was a crime, although I don't think having sex before marriage ever was. Having sex before marriage could have severe consequences for you.

But things changed, we got a lot more relaxed, a lot more "tolerant". Morality in society, except in religious countries like Saudi Arabia, has almost no links to any religion. Sure, morality says don't murder and don't steal, but these concepts are enshrined in law too.

We have relatively little remaining of morality. You can pretty much do what you like now. Nothing is forbidden because we don't want to be mean and "intolerant".

But the reverse of this is that you are now not allowed to have a moral position. If you are a representative of a Church, and think that people should wait until marriage to have sex, that is now offensive.

Let's make this clear - that has been the moral principle of the church for pretty much its entire existence. Now, even having that opinion is offensive. So what should a priest do if a young person comes for them for guidance?

"My son, the church's position on pre-marital sex is pretty clear - have as many gang bangs as you can and maybe during one of your orgies you will meet the one God has ordained for you."

Like what the hell?

And to be clear, I'm not religious. I am however concerned by the moral decay in society when even having a moral stance is offensive. Yes, I know that even back in the day, everyone was sleeping around anyway. But the way I see it, you need something to aspire to. You need something that tells you what is right or wrong. There needs to be a standard by which we say some behaviour is better than others and not all behaviours are equal, even when they aren't illegal.

I do think that sleeping around is not good for people, men and women included. I think it leaves people broken and unhappy, unable to form long term partnerships. Everyone just sleeps around, nobody commits, nobody wants to get married, and importantly, nobody is really happy with this arrangement but nobody wants to be the first to say, "You know, casual sex is maybe not such a good idea."

You can suggest to a man that he not sleep around and get away with it, but if you suggest to a woman that she not sleep around you are slut shaming and being regressive.
That's not it. Rather it's that society has become a minority group of people deciding what the 'norms' of society should be and you're not allowed to speak up against it. We see this everywhere now. Woman forced to wax a man's balls. Don't want to call someone what they want to be called despite what their birth certificate says, get taken to court. It's not about not being allowed a moral position but being allowed to only hold the moral position that protects a minority. Only some minorities are more equal than others when it comes to this protection. In short what you are describing is the SJW problem.

this is the point, the moment you have a person or group of people trying to determine morals, you will have a problem
No you have a problem when those morals become law. Otherwise it's simply my morals against yours but once it starts becoming law you have men demanding that women wax their balls. The law should butt out of deciding morals as that's not its territory.


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Aug 13, 2015
I'm a bit confused why the religious folk are avoiding the topic of two priests being immoral and just saying that's wrong and moving on.