Motorola Moto X Pure smartphone for sale at low price [S]

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Jul 19, 2016
Motorola Moto X Pure smartphone

It has a white front and trendy turquoise green plastic back with excellent grip. It is about 5.5" in size. The camera is fantastic at 21mp and the phone has moto voice and moto action functionality. It has 32gb storage. Comes with a turbo charger but you will need a US to SA adapter. It takes a nano sim.

I have had it for about 18 months and it recently started having issues with the screen blacking out ONLY when I scrolled across certain bright images (instagram, facebook mostly) but the screen comes straight back on as I keep scrolling past the image. Everything still works while the screen blacks out and you can still keep scrolling and press "home" etc. It is really a strange issue and I cannot figure out what the problem could be. Perhaps someone who has good knowledge of tech would be able to fix it or take it to someone who would know. It really is in great condition otherwise and not a scratch on it and no other glitches.

Reason for selling: I would still be using it despite this issue but I got an upgrade so i don't need it.

Price: R500 cash

Location:Cape Town Southern Suburbs




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