MTN contract voice minutes expiry (2 months)


May 27, 2011
I was checking my bill this month and my voice minutes just never seem to increase. I am on a 200 minutes, 500MB contract and this month when I checked my voice minutes balance it was the same as last month. I don't do as much voice calling as I used to, so I expected my voice minutes to increase. Well no. I phoned the call center and they said it only carries over for 2 months. So like data you pay all this money, don't use it and then they don't carry it over for you. MTN Prepaid is different however, If you recharge for more than R25 you can keep it, it does not expire unless you don't use the SIM card for 4 months. So I guess I will be moving to prepaid. I see telkom carry over up to 6 months but could not find Vodacom's T&Cs. Another example of corporate greed.


Expert Member
Apr 17, 2016
Prepaid has a 365 day expiry unless you take a time limited option.

Normally the contracts have 2 month roll over, but you can not have more than 2 month's worth of minutes and SMS's. So if you don't use your 200 minutes in january you have 400 at the beginning of February. But in March you cannot have more than 400 minutes, even if you only use half of February's 200 minutes.