MTN fibre in Chartwell North Estate


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Jan 15, 2013
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone in the area is considering signing up for the MTN fibre that is currently in the works in CNE. I have been in contact with MTN regarding the installation, I have been trying to find out if there can be any extra costs on top of the R999.00 advertised by MTN when taking on the month-to-month contract. The answers that I have received seem to contradict themselves, one person told me that there will be costs involved if the cable needs to be longer than 15m and another person told me that MTN will install the ONT device in the house at no extra charge.
When trying to find out if a person would be able to come to my property to tell me if there will be any extra charges before having to sign up, I was told that this was not possible, because there are call out fees that MTN has to pay. I find it a bit ridiculous that you have to pay upfront before they will be able to tell you if there will be any extra charges for the installation. My problem is that if the possible extra costs for the installation are out of my budget, then I will not be able to sign up when I plan to. And whether or not I will be able to get my money back if I am not happy with the possible extra costs, is another question that I have not been able to find an answer for.

Does anyone have any information regarding these matters?