MTN Giveaway - Win an Amazon Kindle and Branded Gear

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On a Made for Business M Contract for R999pm
Samsung Galaxy S20
5.0GB Data
200min Anytime Minutes
500 SMSs
MNT Got me here :) that phone is really exciting, the screen is big and I can take really perfect pictures for my clients. Those 500 sms would come in handy for marketing my business. What about those minute? I will definitely spend more time explaining my deals to prospects and closing those sales. I like I like I like :)
It is great to announce the winners of the recent giveaway.

• Amazon Kindle - @Kornhole
• Branded Gear - @cupcake

Winners: Please PM your name, courier address, mobile number and size (branded gear) to @Elouise and @Wanita
Not open for further replies.