MTN (Nashua Mobile) International Roaming suddenly not working in Iceland


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Feb 3, 2013
I had a MTN Anytime 350 package from Nashua Mobile and had no problem getting a connection to the Vodafone network in Iceland (it connected automatically) during the last 3 years when I visited the country. During Jan 2013 I was in South Africa and downgraded my contract to Top Up 100. I was assured that I would still be able to use International roaming as before. On 31 Jan we were in London, and it connected automatically to one of the UK networks and I could use it. We arrived in Iceland on 1 Feb (the day my new contract started I think), and I could not connect to any of the networks here. When I tried to connect manually, it sees the 2 main networks, Vodafone and Simiinn, but says 'No access' when I try to connect. I tried the MTN sim card in 3 different phones, but got the same result. I phoned Nashua Mobile, they told me I should be able to connect, and I should phone back in a few days if it doesn't work. It is now 3 days, nothing has changed, I still get the No access message. I then sent NM an email detailing the problem, and got one back a day later to say my request was completed (?!!) Without any contact from them at all - maybe they called my non working phone which now goes over to a voicemail that says 'the person you called is not available, leave a message...', not my own voice mail.

I need my phone to work, I will phone Nashua Mobile again next week, but am not very optimistic that they will solve my problem. The man I spoke to suggested that they courier a new sim card to me if the problem is not solved(I suppose I would have to cover the costs!), but I am doubtful that it will solve the problem. Somehow I think it must be connected to the new contract, maybe there is no roaming partner in Iceland for Top up customers (I am grasping at straws). Looking on the MTN website it shows a number of partners in Iceland, some of whom I have never heard of. We even phoned Vodafone Iceland to ask if they have any problems, but they denied it, and my Icelandic sim card connects without problems.

Sorry for this long saga, I only hope somebody out there might be able to help or steer me in the right direction, I will be in Iceland for another 3 months, and will be a bit lost without the use of my SA phone


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Oct 29, 2003
The roaming options on topup and prepaid are much more limited than postpaid. Best is to stick to postpaid.

Have you checked if MTN's website has a list of roaming countries for prepaid?


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Jul 6, 2010
Yup, willing to bet it's because you aren't on a full blown postpaid contract.


Aug 28, 2009
Topup and prepaid are generally run on the same platform and postpaid runs on another.


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Apr 24, 2008
Topup and prepaid are generally run on the same platform and postpaid runs on another.

One would assume as such, but seems they play around with you're services and you get what you get..
I have 2 MTN TopUp Contract one i opened in 2009 as a TopUp 75 now a MTN AnyTime TopUp 200 which has International Dialing (No Cost) Activated and the other i opened in 2006 as a ProCall 120 now MTN Anytime 350 TopUp which can't do international dialing...
Both are with MTN SP Direct though, but i would guess they just need to Allow for the International Dialing Service on you're Account or Activate it...