MTN Support - Have you ever received any lately?


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Nov 16, 2005
Since October, I have e-mailed their support, posted on their Facebook page, have tweeted them, called numerous times on the phone wasting approximately 4 hours cumulatively holding, and even mailed their PR officer, but yet to ever receive any meaningful support. The best I have received is we have escalated your call and someone will be in touch. It is now a quarter of a year later and I am still waiting.

I really wish that I could have their CEO sit next to me when waiting, as clearly their management must be oblivious to the problem, unless that is where the rot has started and are willing to accept it.

Am I just having bad luck, or is this the common level MTN strives to (not) deliver?


May 8, 2015
Totally agree with you as same has happened to me.

Signed up for Black Friday contracts which they never processed and ended up telling me there is no application on their system even when I attached email confirmation from them with reference numbers. After numerous times trying to explain to them how it's not possible since I have a confirmation from them, they couldn't understand so I gave up on customer care.

I escalated to complaints department who said they will escalate - but haven't heard anything back since a month ago.

I then signed up for another deal in the January YelloTrader online about 2 weeks ago and to date have not heard anything back after 3 follow-ups. I then went into the MTN store nearby who were more than willing to assist but they could not find the deal code on the system even though it's clearly printed in the YelloTrader.

Customer Care is basically non-existent and I feel they think they are doing the customer a favour by signing us up on new contracts. Do they not want new business?


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Mar 5, 2009
I get an sms every day, buy vouchers at Steers with your Yellowbucks.
Sadly only Mcdonalds come up on the screen....


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Mar 18, 2010
Nope. Nothing. Been trying to upgrade since the 20th of December. Almost a month ago.

I am told that I need to call customer support and speak to someone someone Naidoo, who is dealing with the upgrade.

No one by that name is known in customer